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1/10 2WD Buggy EZ Series readyset Sand Master 2.0 Color Type 2 34405T2

1/10 2WD Buggy EZ Series readyset Sand Master 2.0 Color Type 2 34405T2

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Easy to drive and maintain
This is the definitive 2WD buggy!


The power and control of the EZ series Sand Master 2.0 delivers excellent handling for thrilling off-road and on-road driving. With its 2.4GHz R/C specifications, automatic frequency allocation makes racing against multiple cars easy to manage. The maintenance-friendly design relies on fewer parts and the body structure can be efficiently assembled or disassembled with the included tools (L-shaped and cross-shaped wrenches). This Readyset includes fully assembled chassis with body set finished with decals applied, making it an ideal first model for newcomers to the exhilarating fun of electric R/C buggies, as well as a great fun-to-drive machine for more experienced drivers.

●Gearbox with built-in differential gear delivers smooth cornering and features larger modules for greater durability.
●FRP dust plate between the motor and motor mount keeps the gearbox clean by shutting out dust sucked in by the motor.
●Compatible with many optional parts available for previous Sand Master versions.
●Factory-completed Readyset only requires 4 x AA batteries for the transmitter, chassis battery and battery charger for operation.

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