2024 Here we go!

2024 Here we go!

Chris's House has been around since 2009... We keep changing, improving and making it easier for you to put up with us. 2023 was a wild ride. We moved our physical store, changed numerous back end systems, built a ground up new website which improved our online shopping experience, opened a 2nd store {www.thebuildshop.ca} at our old location and added 3 new awesome staff members to our roster.

Change is hard... I make changes because I want to and sometimes because I need to. 2024 is going to be challenging. I read somewhere that when you admit that something is hard that it has been already defeated. That being said all we have to do is the work.

The core movement for us going forward is to align ourselves with suppliers and manufactures that believe in the hobby, want to see small business grow and most importantly have unimpeachable ethics/morals. 

You will see more cars, trucks and kits from various brand you haven't seen before. the big reason for this is that we value partnerships with people who care. We are also stocking deep on many of your favorite brands so rest assured we will have more than you could wish for

Looking forward to helping you instore and online 


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