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3Racing Sakura Advance S 1/10 Touring Car KIT

3Racing Sakura Advance S 1/10 Touring Car KIT

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The 3Racing Sakura S platform has been developed and refined since 2009 and has been a popular entry level RC driver's favorite choice. in 2019 we have the 4th version – the Advance S. The 1/10-scale Advance S is based on the competition grade chassis Advance,but for 2019 most of the internal parts of Advance S has been redesigned for higher performance.

Details include: 2:1 drive ratio; 2.25mm thick,79mm wide FRP main chassis; 2.0mm FRP upper deck; 3.0mm FRP front & rear shock towers; Advance-based front & rear bulkhead structure design;

Advance EVO differential; Advance EVO composite suspension arms; newly designed composite dampers;

new dual center pulley design compatible with 64- or 48-pitch gears; new motor mount compatible with brushless or brushed motors; reverse dual bellcrank steering system based on the competition grade

Advance; new servo mount; changeable upper linkage mount; flexible design battery tray; included anti-roll bar system; and full kit metal bearings. Dimensions are 370 x 188 x 70mm.

The Advance S is an unassembled kit, and requires the following for operation:
- 2-channel Radio System
- Steering Servo
- Electronic Speed Controller
- 540-sized Motor
- Battery & charger
- 1/10-scale Body

NOTE: All electronics shown in photos sold separately. Photos and descriptions depicts pre-production prototype, final production kit may subject to change without notice. 

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