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European Swallow 3S (shorty, LiHV) Combo Pack!

European Swallow 3S (shorty, LiHV) Combo Pack!

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Buying a new RC and need a physically small battery and charger???

Why'd we name it the European Swallow combo? Well, I watched Monty Python recently and found the scene of them arguing about the bird pretty funny. 

Want to save a few dollars??? Buy one of our in-house pre-determined combo packs!

We'll get you an awesome physically small HIGH-VOLTAGE 4300MAH soft-shell 3s battery and GensAce iMARS charger.

This is a super combo that will run in majority of 3S vehicles, (including the Axial or Element crawlers that have a small battery tray!) that we sell, give you nice run times AND charge up in under an hour!

When you buy this combo (along with a new vehicle) we will make sure all the plugs match so you don't have to worry about any of that. 

If you have a specific connector request, just choose it from the drop down menu or choose "Make them all match" and we'll do just that. 

If you don't know what you have or need, PLEASE reach out to us in advance to make sure everything is correct.

Unfortunately there will be no substitutes in these combo packs. if this combo doesn't suit your specific requirements, we have a wide selection of different batteries and chargers.

If you choose this combo and we find that it isn't suitable, we will attempt to contact you via the information you give us when ordering and advise you on a better choice. 

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