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Attack Halogen Headlights - Vintage tone

Attack Halogen Headlights - Vintage tone

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Attack Halogen Headlights

Set a vintage tone on your vehicle with Attack Halogen Headlights. The Attack Headlights clever Peel-n-Stick design makes Installation a Snap!

These are great for adding High Brightness Headlights to pre-painted bodies. And, unlike the narrow viewing angle of 3mm and 5mm LED (that never point straight forward the way you want), the wide viewing angle of Attack Headlights LEDs mean headlights look bright from all angles.

Attack Headlights are perfect for adding lights to any body with existing decals where the headlights are. Adding lights to your Rock Crawler adds a huge safety factor to the experience, and normally the more light you can get the better. That's where Attack light systems come in, allowing you lots of options to add high power lights to your rig, while also letting you manage power usage.

1Pair Attack Halogen Headlights
Mounting Stickers
Scale Attack Bumper Stickers

1. There are Four Ways to Power your Attack Headlights:
DG-1 Dragon Controller
HB-2 Light Controller
MYK-PAL2 Standard Light Bar Regulator
MYK-PAHL UF7C Light Bar Power Regulator
MYK-PAL Adapter Cable**
2. The Attack Headlights are Designed to be Powered off 5V DC.

3. Attack Headlights can get HOT to the Touch.

4. Attack Headlights come with Mounting Stickers, However we STRONGLY recommend adding Zap Goo, Shoe Goo, or similar to Reinforce the Mounting.

** CAUTION, When using the MYK-PAL, DO NOT power the Attack Headlights off more than 5V or they will get VERY HOT and damage the LEDs. They cannot be plugged into the receiver directly.

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