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Ezrun MAX 4990 SD G2 Motor

Ezrun MAX 4990 SD G2 Motor

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Compared with the previous generation, it has added a waterproof sensor cable, upgraded to a sensored system, with better accelerate linearity and stronger explosive force.

It has perfect compatibility when it is matched with Hobbywing EZRUN MAX6 G2 or later series, the esc can automatically recognize this motor, and build a power system with full sensor mode, providing better control performance and more delicate control feel, and also realizing the motor overheat protection function.

The independent high-precision encoder always outputs pure rotor position signal, which effectively avoids the interference of sensor signal and makes the motor work stably in sensor state.
CNC machined aluminum housing, high purity copper windings, high strength explosion-proof rotor, ultrathin silicon steel laminations, high-quality stainless steel output shaft, high-precision bearing for high durability and smoothness.
The innovative sensor interface and rubber cover bearing have better waterproof and dustproof effect than the traditional sensor motor

WSBLM: Waterproof Sensored Brushless Motor Technology

1/7th On-road, Short course truck, Truck 1/8th Heavy-duty Monster truck

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