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Fighter Buggy RX Memorial (DT-01) TAM47460 KIT

Fighter Buggy RX Memorial (DT-01) TAM47460 KIT

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  • Features a molded plastic buggy body and integrated wing, with parts included to create a driver figure.
  • The DT-01 chassis provides proven off-road performance, underpinned by rear rolling rigid axle suspension with a sealed gear case and differential for smooth power and turns. The front of the model employs a swing axle setup for ample suspension stroke.
  • Durable ABS plastic wheels are paired with ribbed front and spike rear tires.
  • CVA oil dampers ensure your ride has superior cushioning.
  • Includes 540-type motor.
  • Requires: 2-Channel Radio, servo, ESC, 7.2-7.4volt battery pack & compatible charger.

This is an easy to build R/C buggy of the Fighter Buggy RX. The Fighter Buggy kit was used for many years in the German RC racing series called Fighter Buggy. The series was designed for entry level hobbyists wanting to enter the world of competitive R/C racing with an easy to build kit. You can now experience the thrill of building this simple kit for fun park and back yard running!

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