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HPI160102 Savage XL 5.9 GTXL-6 Nitro Powered Monster Truck RTR, 1/8 scale, 4WD, PREPAY SPECIAL ORDER

HPI160102 Savage XL 5.9 GTXL-6 Nitro Powered Monster Truck RTR, 1/8 scale, 4WD, PREPAY SPECIAL ORDER

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Savage XL 5.9 GTXL-6 Nitro Powered Monster Truck RTR, 1/8 scale, 4WD, 2.4GHz Radio System

The smoke, the noise - Nothing beats NITRO and that's why HPI continues to go all out for their Internal Combustion fans!

The XL has XtraLong TVP chassis, XtraLong wheelbase, XtraLarge stance and XtraLarge 5.9cc engine! It's based on the nearly indestructible Savage X chassis but features XtraLarge 3mm TVP chassis and engine plates, XtraLarge F5.9 Nitro Star engine, XtraLarge axle extenders and an XtraLarge GTXL-6 body with an all-new look, the Savage XL is ready to rock and roll over any kind of terrain!

The Savage XL 5.9 has the same NEW features as the Savage X 4.6 GT-6 including 17mm Aluminum Hex Hubs, all hex hardware, new bumpers, new body, wheels and tires, Super HD Drivetrain (from the Savage FLUX), new Captured Hinge Pins, HD Servo Saver spring, and a new RF-50N Nitro Receiver.

Returning on the Savage XL 5.9 is the 3-speed gearbox, steel spur gear and racing heavy duty clutchbell, 3-Shoe Aluminum Clutch, and the new Rotostart 3 system for starting that monster F5.9 Nitro Star engine!

Required to complete:
4 AA batteries for transmitter: HPI Recommends #101939 Plazma AA batteries
5-Cell NiMH Hump Receiver Battery: HPI Recommends #160153 Plazma 6.0V 1600mAh NiMH Receiver Battery Pack
6-cell 7.2V NiMH Stick Pack for the Rotostart system: HPI Recommends #160151 Plazma 7.2V 3300mAh NiMH Pack
Glow Igniter and Fuel Bottle: HPI Recommends #160077 Nitro Starter Pack
20-25% Nitro Fuel
Battery charger for receiver battery and Roto Start stick pack: HPI Recommends Reactor 200 - #118049, or Reactor 600 - #160236


  • Specs: Length: 585mm, Width: 470mm, Height: 255mm, Wheelbase: 395mm
  • Nitro Star F5.9 engine with Rotostart 3 starting system, dual stage air filter, 3-shoe aluminum clutch, and Savage 3 Speed transmission
  • TF-50 transmitter, RF-50N nitro receiver (with low-voltage failsafe), and enclosed radio box
  • Pre-cut factory painted and finished GTXL-6 body wtih plastic molded body detail parts, and rugged modern styled bumpers
  • Standardized 17mm aluminum hex hubs, with Tredz Terrahex 3.8" tires and 3.8" Havok wheels
  • Independent double wishbone suspension with oil-filled adjustable coilover shocks
  • Captured hinge pins, all hex hardware
  • Super HD drivetrain with bulletproof 29/9T differentials, and Steel Spur and hardend clucth bell
  • 3.0mm TVP chassis and motor plates with roll hoop and XL engine extension included
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