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Fazer Mk2 FZ02 Chassis Kit

Fazer Mk2 FZ02 Chassis Kit

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Semi assembled kit from Kyosho, Add your body and electronics and you’re good to go 


Fazer Mk2 FZ02 Chassis Kit

The FAZER Mk2 Readyset was created for the pure enjoyment of R/C car driving. Now available as a chassis kit, owners have the flexibility to add their own body and R/C system. Specifications have been elevated with optional parts such as HD TC center shaft S and TC universal swing shafts to enhance the unrivaled symmetrical design and front-rear suspension balance of the lightweight chassis for R/C racers to enjoy. While the deckless design looks simple, a reduced number of components improves maintenance efficiency and optimizes torsional rigidity. Incorporation of nylon material further reduces weight and improves impact resistance. With its unique design, the FZ02 chassis embodies features and performance that will appeal to R/C drivers of all levels.


  • Includes FAW203 universal swing shafts for front drive train
  • New 40% preassembled kit format. Easy to build kit!!
  • Includes FAW209 aluminum center shaft for precise power transfer and increased durability!!
  • New aluminum motor cooling plate between the motor and motor mount!!
  • New transponder stay!!
  • New body mount design to suit various types of body shells!! With the included hubs, both 190mmm and 200mm bodies can be fited.
  • Includes FAT701M tires and VZH003B wheels!!
  • New Fazer Mk2 Chassis FZ02!! Normal chassis is shorter wheel-base compared to the FZ02L(Dodge Challenger) chassis. New simple and efficient shaft driven 4WD design with improved performance. Light weight and low C of G bathtub style design made of durable glass reinforced 66 nylon material.
  • New scale wheel design with brake rotor parts!! Also includes 0mm offset rotor hubs(Allowing 190mm width)!
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