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Litehawk Blast 4x4 xs

Litehawk Blast 4x4 xs

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LiteHawk BLAST first released in 2012 - one of the most robust R/C cars ever developed, period. BLAST is fast, durable and made with flexible shock absorbing plastic components - this R/C car is a family favourite all over the World. It’s classic low slung buggy design invites you to drive it off road - through sand dunes, rough terrain and gravel roads. On smooth road it’s no slouch either, straight line speeds easily top 40km/h, and it loves corners - that cannot be said for a lot of it’s competitors.

New for 2022 LiteHawk BLAST rides on our newly developed XS Chassis! Delivering Uprated Performance and clearly aimed and the Experienced RC’er. Packed with performance and neatly designed to tuck into a backpack or small duffle bag - BLAST XS is true R/C Overkill!

BLAST XS is the eagerly anticipated upgrade from our LiteHawk BLAST - now with outstanding Four Wheel Drive!

With true Four Wheel Drive and Front Universal Drive Shafts, putting down the power is no problem! As they say “power is nothing without control”, so we have included Front and Rear Double Wishbone Suspension - now you can take on the corners (and uneven surfaces) with ease!



  • 40km/h Top Speed

  • 4-wheel drive

  • Front and Rear Independent double wishbone suspension.

  • Aluminum Motor Heat sink

  • Metal suspension blocks it increase strength

  • Front Universal drive-shafts for smooth power delivery

  • Metal Wheel Hex adapters

  • Metal center driveshaft

  • Spring type steering servo saver

  • 2.4Ghz Digital Controller - fully proportional control.

  • Li-ion 7.4V 1300mAh battery

  • Battery and Charger included

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