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Litehawk Lil tom Triple 4 15th Anniversary Edition

Litehawk Lil tom Triple 4 15th Anniversary Edition

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LIL TOM TRIPLE 4 LH 15th ANNIVERSARY is the vehicle that is ready for action in all 4 seasons. Designed as a rock crawler, the LIL TOM TRIPLE 4 is equipped with soft oversized rubber tires and high travel suspension which means it can easily navigate rough terrains.

Change the wheels for the included set of snow treads and you’re all set to go on snow covered terrain. Thanks to a twin motor setup, robust power is delivered to the front and rear axles to navigate the rougher terrains. A heavy-duty roll cage protects vehicle components.


  • Twin Motors

  • Four Wheel Drive

  • Four Wheel Steering

  • Limited Edition Livery

  • LED Lights

  • Upgraded suspension travel

  • Oversize shocks

  • Exposed Roll Cage with polycarbonate Body

  • Oversize off-road tires

  • 2.4Ghz Control

  • Battery and Charger Included!

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