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Litehawk Rebel Stunt Vehicle

Litehawk Rebel Stunt Vehicle

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Meet the LiteHawk REBEL. This all new member of the Stunt Vehicle Family adds a new trick — lateral slides!

The REBEL’s wheels allow for a variety of spin / slide combos. Speed forward and initiate a drift, or slide completely sideways on command.

This fun Stunt Vehicle is highly durable and sports a long run-time.


  • Factory Assembled and Ready For You.

  • Special Wheel Design Allows for Lateral Slides!

  • Two Unique Colours

  • 2.4Ghz Digital Systems let you race with endless friends - without the worry of frequencies or channels!

  • Includes USB charger and Battery.


All new dimension of fun!

Lateral Movement. REBEL moves differently than any other remote control vehicle. It moves more like a chess piece than a traditional toy.

Technology from the robotics industry!

Mecanum wheels allow the vehicle to slide laterally, and even diagonally.

All terrain vehicle!

Even if the REBEL is flipped upside down, it is capable of continuing the fun.


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