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MINI-Z 4X4 Jimny Sierra Khaki

MINI-Z 4X4 Jimny Sierra Khaki

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esigned in collaboration with Jimny Proshop Apio, the wild ride of the Jimny has been recreated with realistic front grill, front and rear bumpers, roof rack, rear ladder, rear number plate, Yoshimura muffler, wheels, etc.

With more than 50 years as an aftermarket parts creator for the Suzuki Jimny, APIO's unique tuning parts have a cult-following for their enhanced performance and unique sense of style. In collaboration with APIO, Kyosho has recreated the special front grille / front bumper / rear bumper / roof rack / rear ladder / rear license plate / Yoshimura muffler / wheels etc., in exceptional detail. While the wild adventurism of the Jimny is captured in the MINI-Z 4x4 with a variety of colors, it provides a different driving feel to the original car for people to enjoy.

The APIO Jimny TS4 represents the culmination of Kyosho's 20 years of injection molded body expertise with the Mini-Z. Not simply a scaled down reproduction, both body and accessory parts are finished with exceptional detail that recreates not just the form, but also captures the essence of the original APIO Jimny.

Special Parts:
Tactiical Front Grill -The JB24 front grille maintains the horizontal slit design that was popular with Jimny JB23 series custom grilles. The three stepped slits project forward and feature a three-dimensional form.

Tactical Front Bumper - Sharp and square design. By using a small radius to connect surfaces on the corner cut lines, the bumper looks like it is made of steel.

Wild Boar SR-16 - Retro-designed aluminum wheels are reminiscent of the 80's ring steel wheels worn by the LJ and SJ Jimny.

Wild Boar R - Five arrow shaped spokes extend to the rim edge. The wheel diameter is made larger to enhance the sporty feeling. This crossover design shines in every driving scene.

License Plate Movement Kit
Front Runner Roof Rack - A global manufacturer of parts for off-road cars and SUVs from South Africa. Lightweight, high quality and specially designed for the Jimny.

Steel Rear Ladder - Narrow Type - The square design reproduces the robust steel ladder that matches the body shape of the Jimny JB74.

Tactical Rear Bumper & Lamp Unit - The thin design increases angle for off-road and rounds up both sides to suit large diameter tires. This transforms the rear with an intrepid sporty style without making it look heavy.

APIO x Yoshimura Totsugeki R-77J Titanium Cyclone - Muffler is reproduced in collaboration with Yoshimura, the brand famous in the world of motorcycles. Untempered titanium gray version features a special monotone color emblem.

APIO A-mark Cutting Sticker, Complete Car Emblem & Stencil - Door panels feature the stylish "A" mark. Symbols of the complete car such as the "TS plate" and the APIO stencil are accurately reproduced.
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