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MINI-Z AWD Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Triple Nickel

MINI-Z AWD Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Triple Nickel

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AWD series is a Four Wheel Drive chassis with Drift tires and paired with the Syncro KT-531P Transmitter. Perfect for drifting in small spaces.

The MA-020 chassis features VCS (variable camber suspension) on the front, which optimizes camber change with suspension stroke, and a specially designed circuit board. The chassis design allows space for installing the optional MZW446 gyro unit. Fully fitted with precision ball bearings, the high drive efficiency of the MA-020 chassis is complimented in the Readyset by the unique scale body and 2.4GHz Syncro KT-531P R/C system that requires no frequency band setting; all at a great value price. Simply set the batteries to enjoy the thrill of drift driving with the included set of drift tires. The chassis is compatible with nearly all ASC MINI-Z bodies (additional parts maybe required for some body styles). The MINI-Z AWD promises a unique world of dramatic racing action for you to experience and enjoy.

(Note) Optional ICS can NOT be used. Also, this model is specially designed for the KT-531P transmitter. It is not compatible with the KT-18, KT-19, EX-5UR ASF, EX-6 or EX-6R transmitters. It is only compatible with the special gyro unit (sold separately).

The 'Hellcat' is the pure definition of American muscle. With its 6.2l V8 supercharged engine producing a brutal 797 horsepower, the Hellcat is the high-performance model of Dodge Challenger lineup.

Includes stylish Syncro KT-531P transmitter, featuring steering / throttle trim as well as dual rate adjustment of steering angle, and control of optional LEDs. In addition, the transmitter has a Training Mode feature which limits speed of the car for easy learning (default setting at the time of shipment is Training Mode).


  • Special circuit board updated with optimized steering control program.
  • Chassis features gyro sensitivity adjustment function.
  • Drift tires are installed as standard.
  • Coil spring on front suspension can be easily replaced without tools.
  • Features 2.4GHz Syncro KT-531P transmitter that requires no setup of frequency bands.
  • Features VCS (variable camber suspension) that adjusts camber in accordance with suspension stroke.
  • Specifications:

  • Length 171.0mm
  • Width 75.0mm
  • Height 50.0mm
  • Gear ratio 7.23?6.38?5.71?5.97?5.34?4.97?4.5:1
  • Weight 193g
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