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Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R (KPGC10) Silver KYO34425T1C

Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R (KPGC10) Silver KYO34425T1C

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Faithfully reproduce the famous car nicknamed "Hakosuka GT-R" with an ultra-scale body!

The FAZER Mk2 series, which proposes to enjoy the driving of an R/C car purely regardless of whether it is fast or slow, in combination with a body that reproduces the form of the actual car with a rich sense of reality. The lightweight chassis, which has improved maintainability by reducing the number of parts, has a simple design, but it is suitable for high strength and running with detailed brush-up such as front and rear stiffeners, reinforcing ribs provided in each part, and changes in the material used. Ensuring rigidity. In addition, by designing the chassis to be as symmetric as possible, we have acquired a straightforward maneuverability without habit due to the synergistic effect of the suspension with excellent front-rear balance and the power source suitable for the vehicle class. On top of that, front and rear gear differentials, oil dampers, and full ball bearings are used. It ensures high durability and impact resistance, and firmly supports the driver. In addition to the standard 0mm offset brake disc type wheel hub, a (+ 5mm) offset wheel hub is included to support both 190mm and 200mm wide bodies, and the wheelbase is available as an optional part (sold separately). A 270mm long main chassis and long center shaft are available. By rearranging these parts, a 1/10 scale body other than the attached body can be mounted. Moreover, since it is a factory-completed ready set that has everything, you can enjoy driving immediately if you purchase a driving battery, a driving battery charger, and a transmitter battery separately.

"ULTRA SCALE BODY" that faithfully reproduces the body, light bucket, bumper, and mirror, and should be called a "running display model" that has been thoroughly crafted not only as a car but also in detail . It is a factory-completed body with coloring and decals attached.
-Injection parts are used for the front and rear over fenders to improve the texture of the body.
-The separately sold LED light unit (97054) can be attached to the front and rear light buckets, making it even more scaled.
-A factory-completed ready set that can be run by purchasing 4 AA batteries for the transmitter, a running battery, and a charger for the running battery.
-Full ball bearing specifications equipped with bearings that reduce drive loss in all drive parts.
-The steering servo is equipped with waterproof KS202W as standard equipment.
-Sealed type differential and mission with high reliability even in dusty parking lots.
-It is a shaft-driven full-time 4WD touring chassis that is easy for anyone to handle and enjoy driving.
-Equipped with a plated dummy brake disc and a painted brake caliper to improve the sense of scale.
-Uses button screws with hexagonal holes in each part. Reliable tightening torque can be applied, and maintenance is possible with even fewer tools.
-The motor mount has mounting holes according to the pinion gear, eliminating the need for troublesome backlash adjustment. Supports from 29T to 37T.
-Driving performance can be improved by installing various optional parts.

The simple and functional main chassis with a low center of gravity is integrated with a gearbox that optimizes torsional rigidity, and the weight is reduced by adopting lightweight impact-resistant nylon. Achieves an upper deckless design with a simple design that gives strength to each part.

Not only reducing the number and types of parts and screws used, but also unifying the screws of the parts that may be removed frequently to the same size. A flat head screw that can remove most of the screws with a 2.0mm hexagon wrench is used to pursue ease of disassembly and assembly.

Front suspension with optimized factors that affect handling, such as bump steer and scrub radius. One of the features is the adoption of a simple ball connect type steering knuckle that promises reliable operation. In addition, by sharing the front and rear hub carriers on the left and right, the number of spare parts on hand can be kept to a minimum, improving maintainability.

The brake disc type wheel hub, which greatly contributes to visual enhancement together with the dummy caliper, comes with two types with different offsets to support both 190mm width and 200mm width bodies.

Equipped with an oil damper as standard equipment. Change the vehicle height by changing the length of the damper end according to the vehicle type.

68T and 32T are standard settings for spur gears and pinion gears, respectively, but 9 types of pinion gears from 29T to 37T can be used to suit various motors, and a wide range of gear ratio settings are possible. In addition, by directly fixing the motor to the position according to the number of teeth of the pinion gear to be used, the trouble of backlash adjustment is reduced.

The body is particular about scale and detail, and body accessory parts such as front and rear over fenders are made into injection parts. The bumper and grill are plated. Furthermore, we have thoroughly created the GT-R emblem.

Reproduce the vintage touring car (VTC) tires and "Hakosuka GT-R" custom standard "8-spoke Watanabe wheels" designed to match vintage cars.

Front and rear light buckets compatible with the separately sold 97054 LED light unit series. By installing the LED light unit, it transforms into a body full of real car feeling.


  • Overall Length: 450mm
  • Overall Width 195mm (Body width: 200mm)
  • Wheelbase: 260mm
  • Tread (Front/Rear) 167mm
  • Tire (Front/Rear) 64x27.7mm
  • Gear Ratio: 6.54:1
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