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TR-4 Mini Waterproof Servo 2.6KG 0.10sec@7.4V

TR-4 Mini Waterproof Servo 2.6KG 0.10sec@7.4V

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This servo is the best replacement for the Micro servos commonly found in 1/16 revo/slash , trx4 shifter servos and various other traxxas rigs. Metal gears, waterproof and more durable.. its the bees knees

Mini waterproof servo TR-4, specific for Traxxas TRX-4. Having compatibility with high voltage 6V-8.4V, at 7.4V input the servo pulls up to 2.6kg-cm of torque at a speed of down to 0.10s. A long 35cm receiver wire and mini size of 22.5 x 12.5 x 24.0 mm ensures the servo is a direct fit in Traxxas TRX-4. The servo TR-4 comes with 25T metal spline and special gaskets make it waterproof for go-everywhere capabilities.

Torque(4.8V): 1.8 kg-cm (25.0 oz/in)
Torque(6.0V): 2.2 kg-cm (30.6 oz/in)
Torque(7.4V): 2.6 kg-cm (36.1 oz/in)
Speed: 0.15 sec (4.8V)
0.12 sec (6.0V)
0.10 sec (7.4V)
Operating Voltage: 4.8 ~ 7.4 DC Volts
Spline: 25T
Connector Wire Length: 350mm / 13.75"
Case Colour: Blue
Weight: 16.0g (0.56 oz)
Gear Type: Copper & Aluminum
Operating Temperature: -20°C ~ 60°C
Working frequency: 1520 micro seconds / 50hz
Size: 22.5x12.5x24.0mm (0.89x0.49x0.94")
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