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Quantum2 1/10 Electric RTR Monster Truck (Orange)

Quantum2 1/10 Electric RTR Monster Truck (Orange)

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The Maverick Quantum2 MT is a revamped version of the popular Quantum MT, boasting a complete redesign and enhanced performance features. Available in either classic Maverick Blue or vibrant Orange, this 1/10 4WD monster truck is equipped with a 12-turn, 550-size brushed motor for robust power. Its durable construction includes thick suspension arms, metal axles, and driveshafts, ensuring long-lasting performance. The truck features a controller with light control, allowing for customizable lighting options. With waterproof electronics, an adjustable wheelie bar, and quick-access maintenance features like a dual-pad slipper clutch and metal gear differentials, the Quantum2 MT is ready to tackle any terrain with style and resilience, providing endless hours of RC excitement for enthusiasts of all levels.

About The Quantum2

Steering System

An additional racing-inspired feature evident on the Quantum2 MT is its dual-bellcrank steering system, complemented by an adjustable servo saver equipped with a robust metal spring. This configuration, alongside the cammed and sprung action of the servo saver, as well as the one-piece steering rods and resilient yet supple front suspension, serves to safeguard the internal gears of the servo against impacts and collisions.


With just a few screws, accessing the front and rear differentials is a breeze, mirroring the efficiency of professional racing vehicles. Formerly optional, the HD outdrives are now standard, enhancing durability. Encased in a metal ring gear, the Quantum2 boasts robustness with internal metal gears, ensuring resilience for any challenge. The only plastic component within the differential is the outer case.


The sturdy 12-turn, 550-size motor is a cornerstone of Maverick RC's lineup, offering an ideal entry point for RC enthusiasts. Its robust design, coupled with high torque and sealed motor construction, ensures hassle-free 'Ready to Run' enjoyment. Featuring fixed gearing positions, adjusting for enhanced torque or top speed is effortless, requiring just a few screws. Paired seamlessly with the MSC-60BR-WP ESC, this motor accommodates various battery types and sizes, from 6-7 cell NiMH to 2S batteries. Equipped with an XT60 plug and waterproofing capabilities, it's perfect for conquering diverse terrains, though caution should be exercised to prevent electronic damage from submersion.


  • Sturdy oversized upper and lower suspension arms for enhanced durability
  • Front and rear metal plate insert hinge pin holders for added strength
  • Robust differential crown and pinion gears for increased resilience
  • Tough differential outdrives on both front and rear axles
  • Convenient quick access motor with gear cover to shield the spur gear from debris
  • Secure fixed gear motor mount compatible with 12T to 16T pinions
  • Dual-pad slipper clutch with a 51T 32P spur gear for reliable power management
  • Dual-point bell crank steering system featuring an integrated servo saver for precise control
  • Molded tub chassis reinforced with a hex pattern for structural integrity
  • Adjustable wheelie bar included for customizable handling characteristics

Required to run:
4x AA for transmitter

6-7 cell NiMH or 2S LIPO battery

Compatible charger

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