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RC 8 Hole 1.9"" Steel Beadlock Wheels Black (2)

RC 8 Hole 1.9"" Steel Beadlock Wheels Black (2)

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SSD 8 Hole 1.9" Steel Beadlock Wheels feature a black finish and machined aluminum 12mm hubs, combined with an internal beadlock design to create a great looking scale replica of the classic 8-hole style wheel at an affordable price.
Standard 1.9" wheel size
Standard 12mm hex mount
Internal beadlock system
Removable hub
Compatible with Vanquish SLW Hubs
Stamped steel wheel with black finish
CNC machined aluminum hub anodized black
Finish off the scale look with SSD Scale Locking Hubs

These wheels fit TRX-4 axles
Offset hubs with rotors are available (SSD00192, SSD00194, SSD00231)

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