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RPM Front A-arms for the ARRMA Typhon 4x4 3S BLX

RPM Front A-arms for the ARRMA Typhon 4x4 3S BLX

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RPM Front A-arms for the Typhon 4x4 3S BLX are everything you're looking for in a set of replacement A-arms. Our versions are more adjustable, more durable and lighter than stock.

Adjustability: We've added a second shock mount to the outside of the original stock shock mount, adding adjustability and improving trackability. Our outer shock mount lowers the ride height, increasing stability on all surface types. A lower ride height also means faster corner speeds.

Durability: Molded from our trademark blend of indestructible, engineering grade nylons, you can't get much tougher! We've also redesigned the shape of the A-arms while retaining stock suspension geometry to help improve survivability for those "oops" moments.

Lightweight: With our stronger materials and improved designs, we're able to cut out unnecessary weight while still offering suspension components that are unparalleled in performance and durability. RPM Front A-arms are more than 5 grams lighter per A-arm than their stock counterparts!

Tech Notes: RPM A-arms fit the ARRMA Typhon 4x4 3S BLX exclusively (#AR102696). RPM Front A-arms replace ARRMA #AR330543.

Quick Notes:

  • lighter than stock by more than 5 grams per A-arm
  • extra outer shock mount hole for added adjustability
  • replaces stock ARRMA #AR330543
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