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Squash Van (GF-02) TAM58725 KIT

Squash Van (GF-02) TAM58725 KIT

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This Van kit is sooooo sweet, 4x4, 4 wheel steer.. its a van.. I Hit the Trifecta!

About this item

Tamiya is delighted to announce a new off-road car featuring big tires; the name is the Squash Van, and it is paired with a new gear-driven 4WD GF-02 chassis. While the GF-01 chassis features a comical design, the GF- 02 chassis employs a more realistic wheelbase and a frame with ladder / pipe motifs. This R/C assembly kit is inspired by 1950s American panel vans, and offers an excellent drive even on grass or uneven surfaces. 123mm large-diameter lug pattern tires allow powerful performance and superior handling feel. Stickers feature designs such as squash illustrations, product logo, and triple pin stripes in gold, black and blue. Length: 454mm, width: 280mm, height: 238mm. Wheelbase: 267mm.


Required: esc, radio , servo, receiver, paint and batteries/charger

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