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Tamiya TL01 C-Parts tam50737

Tamiya TL01 C-Parts tam50737

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These are the C Parts/Suspension parts for the Tamiya TL01 Series vehicles.  

FEATURES: Plastic construction
Black in color
Parts "tree" layout, with numbered parts

INCLUDES: Two identical parts trees, each include the following.
C1, Top Shock Caps (2)
C2, Shock Bodies (2)
C3, Front Upper Arms (2)
C4, Rear Upper Arms (2)
C5, Front Body Mount - short (1)
C6, Steering Tie-rod (1)
C7, Battery Mount Plate (1)
C8, Front Body Mount - long (1)
C9, Bottom Shock Retainer (2)
C10, Battery Holder (1)
C11, Servo Mounts (2)
C12, Shock Rod End (2)
C13, L-Shaped Speed Control Mounts (1)
C14, Fore Rear Suspension Arm (1)
C15, Aft Rear Suspension Arm (1)
C16, Fore Front Suspension Arm (1)
C17, Aft Front Suspension Arm (1)
C18, Motor Protector Stand-off (1)
C19, Front or Rear Bumper (1)
C20, Rear body mount (1)
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