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The Buggy Champ (2009) TAM58441 KIT

The Buggy Champ (2009) TAM58441 KIT

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The Buggy Champ, which started the "Buggy Boom" when it was released in 1979, now comes back as a new and improved version. It keeps true to the basic layout of the original while incorporating modern improvements and features many refined parts that are reproduced with newly built metal moldings. The Buggy Champ also features a transparent mechanism box which protects the mechanics and battery and comes with grooved front and rear tires with block tread pattern. A realistic body is molded in white polystyrene and can be painted with plastic model paints. The Buggy Champ surely brings back the memories of the good old days when everyone was excited with its aggressive driving performance.

●Length: 400mm, Width: 210mm, Height: 150mm
●Wheelbase: 250mm
●Tread: F170mm, R175mm
●Tire Width/Diameter: F19/74mm, R35/83mm
●Chassis: 2mm Thick FRP Plate with Reinforcing Aluminum Plate
●Rear Wheel Drive
●Weight: Approx. 1730g
●Type 540 Motor included (Compatible with kit-included motor or Item 53689 540J Motor only)
●No Differential Gears
●Front Suspension: Double Trailing Arm, Rear Suspension: Swing Axle
●4 Oil Dampers
●Gear Ratio=6.5:1 or 9.3:1
●Requires: 2-Channel radio, ESC, servo, Battery pack & charger, and Tamiya TS paint. (sold separately)

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