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TRX-4M 7mm Brass Wheel Hexes w/Pins (4) (+1.5mm) (1.5g)

TRX-4M 7mm Brass Wheel Hexes w/Pins (4) (+1.5mm) (1.5g)

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Hot Racing Traxxas TRX-4M 7mm Brass Wheel Hexes with Pins. These optional wheel hexes are intended for the Traxxas TRX-4M.

Made from CNC Machined brass, these are designed to lower the CG with a total of 6g unsprung weight and increase track width for better stability and tire clearance.

Package includes four wheel hexes and four axle pins.


  • Direct fit to the TRX-4M
  • Made from CNC Machined brass
  • Fits standard 3.5mm axle shafts
  • Increases tire clearance to body and chassis
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