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Tamiya Walking & Swimming Duck

Tamiya Walking & Swimming Duck

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Mimicking the duck motion, this kit is fun to build for all ages. Easy assemble with snap-together pieces and screw-attachment. The body, head, and submarine motor are made of white polyethylene while the gearbox is gray. The model walks on the ground or swims in the water (leg fins rotate together with wheels). The parallel linkage mechanism recreates the bobbing head motion of a duck. Changing rear roller and float directions allows turning on the ground and in the water. Includes one submarine motor, and waterproof stickers for the beak and eyes. Speed: approx. 25cm/s (ground), approx. 6.5cm/s (water) Running time: approx. 1.5 hours. One AAA battery is required (sold separately). Length: 157mm, width: 83mm, height: 107mm.

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